GAMA Creates Diversity Committee

The Board of Directors The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) have created a diversity committee to investigate how best to reach out to underrepresented communities with in the game industry, “…with a hope of creating a glide path of success in the hobby games industry, as well helping them track to higher positions within the GAMA Board,” the organization said in meeting notes.

This issue was brought to the attention of the Board by game designer Eric Lang on June 1 through a members-only Facebook group where Lang said, “Leadership reflects perspective, direction, scope and values. Your Executive board (with the exception of Sito) has no people of colour. How can we do better?”

Nicole Lindroos, with Green Ronin Publishing and a Director-At-Large on the Board, moved to create the committee. Lindroos will serve as Interim Chair, and Sito Sanchez, of Peachstate Hobby and the Distributor Chair, will serve as a committee member.

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