Essen Edition

Essen Edition 2019 

Tabletop Wire successfully launched a Kickstarter to provide coverage from Spiel in Essen, Germany. These are the sponsors and producers that made that coverage happen. The stories will first be published to our backers, then on the site under the category Essen Edition. 


  • Floodgate Games
  • Anthropos Games
  • HutChu Games
  • Gameplaywright


Scott Gaeta
Bronson Shipp
Dave Taylor Miniatures
Randal Lloyd
Nick Medinger
Kevin Bertram
Richard Newby
The Head Gnome


Adam Brocker, Matt Morgan, Roy Zemlicka ,Matthew Frederick, Evan Derrick, Ben Vaterlaus, Anne Reynolds, Cliff Fuller, Giles, Iain Adams, Mikolaj Laczynski, Andreas Seeger, Robin Lees, Egg Embry, Melissa Bachynski, Ai Lake, Lee Stanford, Ben Stealer of Bagged Lunches, Adrienne Dong, Gregory Leff, Brian Frahm


Pablo Rousselin, Cardboard Edison, Joseph Soonsin Lee, Happy Mind Academy, Jason Youngdale, Demetri Ballas, Randy Hoyt, Benjamin E Begeal

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