Dream Machine Productions Acquire Technoir RPG, Promise to Complete Unfulfilled Stretch Goals

Dream Machine Productions have acquired Technoir, a cyber-noir roleplaying game designed by Jeremy Keller. The core rulebook was released in 2011 after a successful Kickstarter, but failed to fulfill several stretch goals from the campaign.┬áThe game won a Judges’ Spotlight Ennie in 2012.

The company have promised to fulfill the missing stretch goals for the original 600+ Kickstarter backers.

“We know that many of them have given up hope of ever seeing these stretch goals delivered, but we recognize that without them the game would not exist and we want to do right by them,” Alexander said.

Original backers of Technoir should return to the Kickstarter campaign page, where they will find an update explaining the steps they need to follow in order to claim their stretch goals.

In addition to receiving unfulfilled stretch goals the original Kickstarter backers will also receive access to a playtest of Hexnoir, a Technoir magic supplement, with final PDF versions to be publicly released within a few months after.

Technoir will be put back into production via Indie Press Revolution. Dream Machine have launched a new Technoir website and the company have begun development on new supplements for the game.

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