Dixit Publisher Libellud Creates Foundation to Help Youth and Education

French publisher Libellud is creating a charitable foundation to support youth and education. The Libellud Foundation will add $1.1 million over the next three years to the endowment.

Founded in 2008 by Régis Bonnessée, Libellud is best known for the game Dixit. The company has 20 employees and $10.5 million in revenue.

Bonnessée said the “initiative reflects the values and sense of societal commitment characterizing the company.”

“As economic players, we are called upon to generate wealth, to create added value, jobs, innovations, but it is our duty to act, to get involved here and now, in proximity, so as to contribute to development of our territory. That is the road we have decided to take, the mission of our foundation being to support public interest projects in fields close to our ecosystem: youth and education,” he said.

Mathieu Chaveneau, the newly named executive director of the foundation said the mission will be to find, support and connect inspiring projects that can have an impact on society. The Libellud employees will be involved in the process.

The company says two projects are already in the works. The first is aimed at first-year university undergraduates. The second is aimed at connecting teachers for the purpose of developing innovative educational projects.

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