Discount Retailer The Gaming Goat Enters Publishing Market with TGG Games

Discount retailer The Gaming Goat will enter publishing with the launch of TGG Games. The company announced the expansion in mid-April.

TGG Games will be available at Gaming Goat retail locations, the company webstore and on Kickstarter. The company is considering outside sales, but said they would want to control the relationship.

“We have learned a lot from the Jamie Stegmeier integrity situation last year, and refuse to put retail stores at risk to accommodate big business,” said TGG Games Executive Vice President of Operations Jeff Bergren in a blog post.

Stonemaier Games refused to sell their games to The Gaming Goat last year, causing a public spat on social media between the two companies.

TGG Games said controlling the supply chain process was a major goal of the company. They also want to leverage their retail buying power. The company will build exclusive organized play around the releases in The Gaming Goat stores.

The company’s first game will be Black Sonata, a solo game that was originally offered on Kickstarter by Side Room Games earlier this year.

The Gaming Goat is a franchise game retailer claiming to be the largest tabletop retail chain in the world. It was established in 2010 in Elgin, Illinois. The company says it has 30 locations in 7 markets including, Las Vegas, Denver, Austin, Houston, Chicago, Minneapolis and Cincinnati.

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