Dire Wolf Digital Announces Upcoming Lineup of Digital Board Games

Dire Wolf Digital, best known for the board game Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure, have announced several new digital board games, some to be released starting this year. The games include: Mage Knight, Root, Yellow & Yangtze, Wings of Glory, and Raiders of the North Sea.

Raiders will be released before April on the PC, phone and tablet.

“Bringing some of the hottest fan-favorite tabletop games to digital platforms is an exciting opportunity, and doing it in partnership with some of the industry’s best and brightest is an honor and pleasure,” said Scott Martins, President and founder of Dire Wolf Digital.

The list of announced games:

WizKids and Mage Knight Board Game (WizKids)
Dire Wolf Digital announced a catalogue-wide partnership with WizKids that will kick off with the digital adaptation of Mage Knight by Vlaada Chvátil.

Root (Leder Games)
An asymmetrical wargame fresh from its Kickstarter release, Root is one of the top new games of 2018.

Sagrada (Floodgate Games)
Originally released in 2017 by Floodgate Games, the dice-drafting game Sagrada is by Daryl Andrews & Adrian Adamescu.

Yellow & Yangtze (Grail Games)
Tile-placement strategy game Yellow & Yangtze, from legendary designer Reiner Knizia, is an evolution of his previous game Tigris & Euphrates.

Wings of Glory (Ares Games)
Andrea Angiolino & Pier Giorgio Paglia’s Wings of Glory is a smooth and exciting aerial combat system that brings dogfight excitement to PCs, phones and tablets.

Raiders of the North Sea (Renegade Game Studios)
Dire Wolf Digital will return back to where they started their digital board game adventures, adapting Renegade Game Studios’ Raiders of the North Sea by Shem Phillips.

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