Dice Tower Takes Control of ‘Dice Tower Con’, Will Rebrand, Move Location

The Dice Tower have taken control of ‘Dice Tower Con’, a Florida convention run for them since 2011 by Patrick Havert. They will rebrand the convention ‘Dice Tower East’ for 2020.

Dice Tower founder Tom Vasel said on the company YouTube channel that they have expanded in recent years to include other events such as ‘Dice Tower West’, ‘Dice Tower Retreat’ and ‘Dice Tower Cruise,’ and this was the only event they didn’t have complete control over.

Dice Tower Con was started and run by Havert. He also runs Quick Simple Fun Games. It is unclear the business relationship for the convention, as Havert declined to be interviewed for this story.

Havert posted a thank you to the Dice Tower Con Facebook group page, which has since been renamed, “Escape Winter Convention.”

“We are obviously heartbroken to no longer be involved with the even that we gave the last 8 years to. Ultimately… we did not create, run or pay for this convention for Tom or the Dice Tower. We did it for you. We did it to spread the love of board gaming to anyone we could. We will be changing the name of this group, and hopefully in the future we will have a new gaming event to bring to you all,” they said in the statement.

The dates for Dice Tower East will remain during the 4th of July holiday. Vasel said the convention will stay in Orlando, Florida, but will move from the Caribe Royale resort to the Florida Hotel, which is near the Florida Mall.

The convention is likely to decrease in size, Vasel said, as it will focus more on Dice Tower interactions with the attendees. Dice Tower East is expected to host about 1,800 board gamers, almost half the number that attended Dice Tower Con this year.

“When I was first involved in Dice Tower Con, my dreams were big. 10, 20 thousand, lets compete with Gen Con. But then over the last couple years I’ve been reading comments where people said, ‘I went to Dice Tower Con and I didn’t even see the Dice Tower guys.’ And that really bothered me,” Vasel said in a question and answer video.

Vasel said events would be cut so they could focus on gaming. Vendors will be included in the new event, but the size of the hall and number may change, Vasel said.

Registration for Dice Tower East will open in October.

EDITS: Correction. The Dice Tower Con Facebook group was not deleted, it was renamed, ‘Escape Winter Convention.’

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