Dice Tower Awards 2018

The Dice Tower Awards for 2018 were announced at Dice Tower Con in Florida.

Game of the YearRoot.
Nominees: Teotihuacan: City of Gods; Chronicles of Crime; Underwater Cities; Brass: Birmingham; Western Legends; Rising Sun; Architects of the West Kingdoms; Everdell; The Mind.

Best Theming— Detective: A Modern Crime Boardgame.
Nominees: Western Legends; Root; Stuffed Fables; Chronicles of Crime.

Best Cooperative Game: Chronicles of Crime.
Nominees: Just One; The Mind; Detective: A Modern Crime Boardgame; Stuffed Fables.

Best Strategy: Teotihuacan: City of Gods.
Nominees: Root; Brass: Birmingham; Coimbra; Underwater Cities.

Best Production: Rising Sun.
Nominees: Fireball Island; Everdell; Brass: Birmingham; Grimm Forest.

Best Party Game: Just One.
Nominees: Decrypto; The Mind; Drop it; Trapwords.

Best Family Game: Fireball Island.
Nominees: Gizmos; Reef; Space Base; My Little Scythe.

Best Artwork: Everdell.
Nominees: Root; Grimm Forest; Cerebria; Rising Sun.

Most Innovative: Chronicles of Crime.
Nominees: Nyctophobia; Detective: A Modern Crime Boardgame; KeyForge; The Mind.

Best Reprint: Fireball Island.
Nominees: Brass Lancashire; Endeavor: Age of Sail; High Society; The Estates.

Best Expansion: Scythe: Rise of Fenris.
Nominees: Terraforming Mars: Prelude; Roll Player: Monsters and Minions; Great Western Trail: Rails to the North; Root: The Riverfolk.

Best Game from a Small Publisher: Root (Leder Games).
Nominees: Chronicle of Crime (Lucky Duck Games); Underwater Cities (Delicious Games); Vindication (Orange Nebula LLC); Obsession (Kayenta Game).

Best Two-Player: Keyforge: Call of the Archons.
Nominees: War Chest; Duelosaur Island; Haven; Mythic Battles: Pantheon.

Best New Designer: Wolfgang Warsch (Quacks of Quedlinberg, The Mind, & Ganz Schon Clever).
Nominees: David Cicurel (Chronicles of Crime); Catherine Stippell (Nyctophobia); Ivan Lashin (Smartphone Inc.); Tim Eisner (Grimm Forest).

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