Creators of ‘Exploding Kittens’ Launch ‘Burning Cat’ as Reboot of Traditional Game Conventions

The company behind the game Exploding Kittens will launch Burning Cat, a tabletop gaming convention at the Oregon Convention Center, May 16-17, 2020.

Organizers say the show will experimental and a “reboot” of traditional gaming conventions.

“We wanted to fix the things that were wrong with traditional conventions. We wanted to create an event that was actually fun. We wanted to build a giant cat that explodes,” said the company.

The convention will feature a cage in the center of the hall called, “The Ring,” where events like Cat-themed American Gladiator or the World’s largest game of freeze tag will take place. Attendees can join or just watch.

The “The Ring” will also feature a giant cat statue that will transform at the end of the convention.

“There will be a countdown timer at her feet. When the convention ends, she will erupt with the light of a thousand stars. She will implode into something terrible and wonderful. She will transform. She will burn,” the organizers said.

The show will contain some traditional convention elements such as tournaments, guest speakers, and exhibitors. It will also have an after-hours game night.

Guests have not been announced but Oatmeal creator Matthew Inman will be in attendance along with other game designers, cartoonists and comedians.

Burning Cat will limit attendees for the first year. People interested in attending can join the wait list. Badges are expected to go on sale in late Summer. Exhibitor applications will open in the Fall.

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