ConTessa Foundation Launches Boycott of Gary Con

Stacy Dellorfano, the founder and CEO of the ConTessa Foundation, is asking people to boycott Gary Con after the convention included Frog God Games owner Bill Webb as a special guest.

Dellorfano says Gary Con is making women who go to the convention unsafe by inviting Webb, citing allegations of sexual harassment by Webb at Paizo Con 2017, and by inviting others like Tim Kask and Frank Mentzer, of which Dellorfano says have treated women poorly.

“If we are to put pressure on conventions to not bring in guests that could harm people in our community, we absolutely must have the support and action of our white cisgender heterosexual male friends, partners, and relatives. That means you must be willing to give something up to stand up for your beliefs. Gary Con is inviting dangerous guests and ignoring their female guest’s safety entirely,” Dellorfano said in the post.

Gary Con is an annual role-playing convention celebrating Gary Gygax. This years event will be held March 7-10 in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Dellorfano founded ConTessa in 2012 to support women in gaming. The California nonprofit expanded in 2016 and is now dedicated to making tabletop gaming spaces more diverse through events at U.S. conventions.

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