BoardGameGeek Launches ‘In Focus’ a New Paid Video Series

The Series is Designed With Publishers in Mind

BoardGameGeek have launched In Focus, an advertorial video series designed to provide publishers short, engaging videos on the front page of the website and on the BGG YouTube channel. The base cost to publishers for the videos will be $1,000.

In Focus will provide publishers short, engaging videos on BGG.

“With so much content coming from increasingly sophisticated media producers, our goal was to provide a product that allows a publisher to directly harness the power of new media,” said BGG owner Scott Alden.  

The project came out of discussions with publishers, said Lincoln Damerst, BGG’s Director of Media. “Publishers work years on games and unless the game makes a splash upon release most of time the game never picks up steam,” Damerst said. “With these videos we hope to raise awareness of upcoming titles that will help create demand in the channels of distribution and up through retail.”  

BGG also announced that Nick and Mike Murphy of The Brothers Murph are joining the team to create videos for the series.

Some examples of the series premiere: The Castles of Burgundy from RavenburgerShakespeare from Ystari GamesPirate Tricks from Soaring RhinoHistrio from Bombyx.

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