Amfil Technologies, Snakes & Lattes Parent Company, Changes Stock Symbol to ‘FUNN’, First Step in Corporate Restructure

Amfil Technologies, the parent company of Snakes & Lattes, have changed their stock ticker symbol to ‘FUNN.’ CEO Roger Mortimer said this is the first step in a corporate restructuring that will see the company focus on board games and change names to Snakes & Lattes Inc.

The change took place on the opening of trading yesterday. Amfil previously traded on the OTC Pink Market under the symbol AMFE.

Amfil is made up of three separate companies, Interloc-Kings Inc, GRO3 and Snakes & Lattes.

“We expect this change, and the additional planned changes to provide enhanced visibility with our customers and public investors as we continue to execute our business strategy,” Mortimer said.

The company said the ticker change is the first in the line of changes which will include; a completion of a comprehensive audit, a spinoff of non-board game businesses, a special dividend, and the name change.

The company missed a filing deadline in November after an audit of its finances has extended into this year. The audit is expected soon, and required to move the company up in the OTC markets. The Pink Market is the most lenient and risky of the OTC markets.

No action is required to be taken by current shareholders with relation to the trading symbol change, and no changes have been made to the Company share capital, management, or control.

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