American Tabletop Awards Launch with Announcement of 2019 Winners

American Tabletop Awards Committee, a new organization founded by Brittanie Boe, Suzanne Sheldon and Eric Yurko, have launched the American Tabletop Awards with the announcement of the 2019 winners. The awards celebrate excellence in gaming from the previous year.

The US-based committee is comprised of Boe, Sheldon, and Yurko along with, Nicole Brady, Amber Cook, Ruel Gaviola, Jonathan Liu, Becca Scott, Theo Strempel, and Annette Villa.

“We’ve been really fortunate to bring together a diverse set of participants from across the tabletop content creation landscape, and we’re even more excited to announce which games have been named our award winners,” said Yurko.

Unlike some other awards organizations that include industry insiders or just gamers, Yurko said they intentionally focused on selecting a diverse group from the tabletop media.

“These are individuals with broad experience in playing and assessing games, active in the community, and reflect the diversity of the American gaming culture,” Yurko said. “The US is a diverse country with board gamers of all colors, shapes, genders, etc.”

“We strongly believe that the selection committee for the ATTAs needed to strongly reflect that diversity and be an inclusive organization.”

The 2019 awards featured four categories; Early Gamers, Casual Games, Strategy Games, and Complex Games. The Committee awarded a Winner, two Recommended games, and two Nominated games in each category.

Early Gamers

Winner – Catch the Moon
Recommended – Drop It, Megaland
Nominated – Snail Sprint, The Mind

Casual Games

Winner – Quacks of Quedlinburg
Recommended – Just One, Gizmos
Nominated – Shadows: Amsterdam, Space Base

Strategy Games

Winner – Chronicles of Crime
Recommended – Coimbra, Cryptid
Nominated – Architects of the West Kingdom, Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea

Complex Games

Winner – Root
Recommended – Teotihuacan: City of Gods, Gùgōng
Nominated – Betrayal Legacy, Brass: Birmingham

Eligible games were put up for consideration by committee members. Each member can submit up to five games, but cannot submit games they have worked on. Winners were then voted on by a ranked-choice method.

Winners will be able to use the American Tabletop Award logos on their games for a licensing fee. The organization will use this revenue to cover the cost of running the awards.

The awards will be announced in June next year. Yurko said they are considering 2019 as a soft launch of the award program.

“…we knew that launching an initiative like this would have some bumps along the way,” Yurko said. “Launching now sets us up for the ongoing award cadence in future years,” he added.

Potential contestants are encouraged not to solicit committee members.

This story was edited to include more information about the organization.

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