AEG Vows to Publish Fewer Games

Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) CEO John Zinser vowed the company will publish fewer games in the coming years. Zinser published a blog post on the company website laying out the plan.

The company is already on track with the change as they only had four major releases in 2018; Space Base, War Chest, Scorpius Freighter and Thunderstone Quest. This is down from the 20 plus titles per year they have released in the past. While they have not set a number for the games they will publish a year, Zinger said they will be curating their 2019 and 2020 releases “like never before.”

Zinger said the company is using the cash reserves of the sales of some of its premier properties to implement the plan. The company sold Loveletter to Z-Man games and Asmodee in 2018. They are also launching games on Kickstarter, which they have not done in the past. Zinger said these two things will allow them to invest more up front for the games they produce.

Zinger outlined four hurdles to the change:

  • Saying no to games: Playing more games, but signing fewer.
  • Cash Flow: Selling off games like Love Letter is help to fund the future.
  • Cult of the New: Focusing on the current product.
  • Company Culture: Being transparent. Focusing on fun.
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