7th Continent Publisher Looks to the Future With New Game, Retail Version

Serious Poulp, the French publisher of the 7th Continent, have announced a retail version of the popular crowdfunded game, and a new title, 7th Citadel, that will launch on Kickstarter in 2020.

The new game, 7th Citadel, will use the same game system as 7th Continent, but will take place in a ‘Dark Fantasy’ universe.

The company said it will also be selling a limited surplus of production copies from the Kickstarter campaign on their website now that backers have their copies. The ‘Collector Edition’ games will be available mid July.

‘Classic Edition’ 7th Continent will release in English and French in Q4. By excluding most of the Kickstarter exclusives, the company has trimmed the game down enough to make retail sales feasible. Three extensions will be offered for this edition.

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